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Let the conversation begin!

We always say… “The Genius Is In The Room”

Think about all the meetings you have attended where the top thought leaders in your field are assembled together in one room. Yet we miss the opportunity for real work, dialogue, interaction and innovation.

Instead of bringing in a speaker for your upcoming Conference, Association

Meeting or Community Engagement, consider opening or closing your meeting with a PossibilityNOW Event!

A 3-8 hour PossibilityNOW Event will breathe new life into your Association Meetings, Conferences and Community Engagements. It will harness your group’s genius and curiosity about the “Next Wave” in your field.


  • A room full of your colleagues who are knowledgeable and passionate about a particular subject, issue or profession.
  • Provocative questions that engage participants in conversation and discovery around a given topic area.
  • Everyone fully engaged. Ideas that flow from small group conversations out to the whole.
  • Facilitators who skillfully lead the process and capture the themes, trends and emerging ideas as they happen!

Ideas are your competitive advantage—don’t let them disappear!

  • Imagine the power of ideas and insights generated by these discussions.
  • And all of it captured by the FutureWave “IDEA” Workers who support your meeting through strategic illustration, storytelling, and video/digital filmmaking. Knowledge that can help you make informed decisions on where to put innovation dollars, how to develop people, realize untapped opportunities and even identify the theme for your next conference event!

Example PossibilityNOW Conversations

  • Building Multi-Sector Collaborations to support sustainable business in North Carolina.
  • New Economy Think Tank – How do we build multi-sector collaborations to develop a common vision and strategy for launching a social movement for a new economy agenda.
  • Colorado Department of Education Literacy Initiative – Creating common literacy language and meaning to build statewide collaboration and grant opportunities.
  • Experiential Training and Development Alliance – Capturing the Genius in the Room to identify current and future trends in the field of experiential learning.
  • State Youth Council PossibilityYOU, igniting youth conversations to identify key teen needs and potential statewide projects to serve North Carolina youth.
  • Ideation Conference – Capturing the best practices of people doing good in the world so they can do it even better

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