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Collecting Stories – Identifying Core Messages – Leveraging Social Media

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Ideas are your competitive advantage—don’t let them disappear!

To ensure your conversations and ideas are captured, we use technology to create clarity out of ambiguity, collaboration within the community, and an environment of participation in which no idea goes unexplored and no thought goes unmentioned.

IMAGINE leveraging film, graphic facilitation and social networking tools such as NING, online net-meeting environments, live video streaming or real-time blogging to capture and communicate ideas, and engage all voices.

Technology helps expand both the reach of your ideas and the size of your audience.

We provide:

  • Real-time data capture as ideas unfold in the form of graphic facilitation, film and meeting notes.
  • An observer/storyteller in the room to capture words and unspoken gestures, interactions that otherwise go unnoticed as the collaborative process is played out among thought leaders, experts and members of the community.
  • Social networking site development real-time, in the room, so that you leave with a collaboration platform in place.

This information capture can be used to develop internal and external communications, fuel conversations on blogs, creatively share ideas and stories, shift culture and drive action.

Ultimately, these services will provide your meeting with longevity that far exceeds the lifespan of the event as it takes place, creating greater value and much broader impact.

What our clients have to say:

The Professional Development Map, created by Graphic Facilitator Janine Underhill , is incredible! While being a true piece of art, of equal value is the message it captures regarding the Principal Institute. Each aspect from the Superintendent's message to the voices of children to the keynote speakers to educators' areas of study is clearly depicted. This "journal" insures that the important topics covered are preserved and available for reference throughout the school year and beyond.

I have posted copies in my office and use them during the school year to serve as a reminder of the work we did and to be sure that I incorporate the learning into the on-going work on behalf of children. They also give a message to other educators, staff, and parents that the professional development we do is serious and there is a clearly defined purpose with expectation for follow-though. The beauty of the maps draws individuals to examine them and inquire of the origin and purpose, consequently presenting an opportunity for sharing goals regarding student learning.

JoAnn Trujillo-Hays
Principal, Denver Public Schools